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Pablo Neruda

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Where Can the Students Seek Information About Pablo Neruda?

-This website contains a biography on Pablo Neruda, in honor of the Nobel Prize in Literature awarded to him in 1971, as well as his bibliography, Nobel Lecture, Nobel Diploma, Banquet Speech, and other resources.
-This website also contains a biography, as well as various examples of Neruda's works.
-This website contains another biography of the poet, as well as lists of his poetry, prose, anthologies, dramas, and poetry in translation.
-This website actually contains several of the poet's most well-known poems. Here, they are given titles, although Neruda numbered, rather than titled, his poems.
-This website also contains a biography of the poet that delves into various aspects of his life, as well as a bibliography.

"Twenty Love Poems and a Song of Despair" -Dual Language Edition by Pablo Neruda
-This book not only contains his original poems, but the translations as well.

"Pablo Neruda: A Passion for Life" by Adam Feinstein
-This poem is a thorough biography of the Neruda's life.

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