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Pablo Neruda
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Theme Analysis

One of Pablo Neruda’s major themes throughout his works was that of the struggle of the communist party. Neruda held various diplomatic posts, therefore, his passionate political involvement is clear. Throughout his life, he was very involved in politics, and he always thoroughly supported the communists. Therefore, this theme is quite evident throughout many of his works. For example, a loosely translated poem of his titled “Fleas interest me so much,” which is a metaphor for politicians who take away instead of doing good and serving their correct purpose. His passion for politics is clear in many of his works, as well as in the way that he lived his life. (Pablo Neruda)


Another prevalent theme in his works is that of romance. Many of his poems are clearly romances, in which he describes the passion, joy, pain, and all other emotions that can come with love. A poem that clearly illustrates this theme is “I can write the saddest lines”, which is truly titled simply, “XX”, from his book Twenty Love Poems. In this poem, he talks about he might love a woman, but she has apparently hurt him, and so he feels he should let go of her. He feels that, simply with the idea of losing her, he can write the saddest lines ever written. As one reads the poem, one can feel what Neruda must have felt as he read the poem; sadness, and perhaps even despair. Therefore, this poem is a clear example of al the ups and downs that love can bring, which is why romance is such a dominant theme in his works.


             Yet, one thing is clear, no matter what he writes about, Neruda’s passion is evident. As one reads his poetry, one understands him. In addition, the reader is able to grasp the idea and emotion behind what he is saying. None of his works are void of emotion, thanks to his adroit handle of the art of poetry. When reading his politically-themed works, one understands the struggle that he is going though. When reading his romance-themed works, one can relate to them, and they often find that he has managed to capture their own feelings in words. This demonstrates his mastery and skill as an artistic poet.

Website Courtesy Of: Ariat Cruz, Cristina Loreto, and Iyari Tolmos; Coral Gables Senior High , 12th AP/IB World Author Web Site Project. 2007.