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Pablo Neruda
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In case you would like to learn more about the talented Pablo Neruda...


-This website offers a biography on Pablo Neruda, as well as examples of his works.

-Offers another biography of the author, as well as a list of various of his selected works.

-This website also offers a biography, as well as a bibliography, in case you wish to do further research.



-This website offers various of Pablo Neruda's translated poems.

-This website offers 60 poems in translation.



-This website includes various books of the poet, as well as synopses of each of the books and comments by people who have read them.

-Includes various books written by Neruda, along with short comments on the books.

Each of these websites should help you learn more about the poet, and should give you insight to his works and talents... Enjoy :)

Website Courtesy Of: Ariat Cruz, Cristina Loreto, and Iyari Tolmos; Coral Gables Senior High , 12th AP/IB World Author Web Site Project. 2007.