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Pablo Neruda
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Pablo Neruda is one of the world’s celebrated poets. Over the span of his career he attracted attention and praise through his personal exploits as well as his literary ones. This was so because the work he did always reflected his feelings and emotions during a particular time in his life. His works mirror his life and many revere that particular attribute.

Neruda has been an inspiration for other writers who like him had no true support system that urged them to follow their dreams. Neruda was one who had strong beliefs and followed through with them against all odds and consequences and is, for that one of the most widely translated and read poets.

Pablo Neruda went into the world of arts and literature without support but other authors today may look onto him as an inspiration that following your dreams may actually make a difference. His very unique surrealist style and strongly conveyed emotions have prompted other authors (Ferlinghetti, Robert Bly, Ken Morrill and Stew Albert; for example) to follow through with their poetry and works. His original style and the passion and emotion depicted in his work make him a worthy world author who has had world wide exposure and has influenced new authors to try new things in their craft and to believe in what they can achieve.

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