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Pablo Neruda
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Neruda has influenced many writers throughout the years, both personally and academically, and those writers thank him, even though he is dead already, because it had make them be successful writers. Neruda influenced writers from all over the world, because his works were in all languages, and had the same effect in every body.


Gabriel Garcia Marquez wrote once "Neruda was the greatest poet of the twentieth century - in any language." Martin Espada, winner of the "American Book Award" for his collection "Imagine the Angels of Bread," was also inspired, and in a conference of authors he said "This represents the fulfillment of a dream: to visit Neruda's Chile and to pay homage to the poet who has most deeply influenced me, as a writer and person."


In 2004, a group of world wide writers and foundations united to create a book in the honor of the 100th birthday of Pablo Neruda, "Neruda Centenary Celebrations;" they collected his best works and his narratives about Argentina, Paris, Chile, Peru, and other countries, and they also were going to talk about him and his life; most of the authors that came to this event were influenced in their lives by Neruda, authors such as Sandra Cisneros ("The House on Mango Street"), Martin Espada ("Imagine Angels of Bread"), Gabriel Garcia Marquez ("100 Years of Solitude"), and others.

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